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The Future of Telemedicine

Posted by Admin on Jul 20, 2020 9:47:14 AM

Analysts expect 100 million telemedicine visits this year in the U.S. In this Health News Network interview, Dr. Michael Greiwe talks about the future of telemedicine in America. 

OL on HNNDr. Greiwe is an orthopaedic surgeon, sports medicine specialist, and founder of two telemedicine platforms, OrthoLive and SpringHealthLive, as well as a national expert on the growth of telehealth visits.

Tune in to discover:

  • What Congress must do to make sure providers can still offer telemedicine services to certain patients when the COVID-19 pandemic ends
  • Understanding the future of telemedicine 
  • Why telemedicine must be a priority for your medical practice

“Doctors can use telemedicine visits to see more patients, run their practices more efficiently and maximize their revenues,” says Dr. Greiwe.

Watch the interview here:


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