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[Webinar On-Demand] Lessons Learned from 500,000+ Telemedicine Appointments

Posted by Admin on Jul 2, 2020 2:03:05 PM

Find out what some of the top patient experience and customer service themes and solutions are from 500,000+ telemedicine appointments straight from the experts handling patient and provider support questions.

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Join us for this interactive webinar and Q&A session featuring examples, actionable tips and real solutions from team leads in the trenches with customers every day. 

In This Webinar You’ll Learn: 

  • How to roll out your telemedicine platform to patients and staff 
  • Solutions to common telemedicine objections and technical issues 
  • What to do when everything goes wrong during a telemedicine appointment 
  • Tips to improve patient readiness prior to a telemedicine appointment 
  • The proper way to transition face-to-face care to telemedicine 



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